Saturday, August 12, 2006

Baren Forum Summit 2006

This is so exciting, people are starting to arrive! I have Le Green from Stonemetal press in San Antonio Texas here at my home already and am picking up Diane Cutter at the airport later today. We have already exchanged life histories and talked printmaking almost to death.

I made my famous restaurant cinnamon rolls for the first morning, my whole house smells sooo good, if you put enough butter and sugar in stuff, it is to die for. I now remember why I only make these at Christmas...whew..we all ate too many already.

Sharri is also gathering people to her home, my wood has arrived from McClains...I am hunting up my tools....we are so excited we are just like little puppies running around in circles. One more trip to Costco and the food is organized...yummmmmmm

Gosh, I sure wish everyone could be here. We will try to post daily...maybe we can start a summit blog, in fact you can see that I have done just that! the first photo is one of my husband and myself...the one I sent to eveyone so they would find me at the airport...I am sure we can find lots more photos...but this will start the blog.